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After using the US overseas warehouse, cross-border e-commerce sales profits have increased!

The US overseas warehouse independent system provider Rongsheng supply chain provides integrated logistics supporting system for cross-border e-commerce, including bulk or bulk cargo transportation, customs clearance at home and abroad, refined warehouse sorting management, and personalized order management. Packaging and distribution, as well as integrated information management.

Simply put, US overseas warehousing includes three parts: head-to-head transportation, warehouse management, and local distribution.

When you have the following symptoms, it is time to start thinking about using overseas storage.

[Signal 1]: You don't have time to promote your own products. Packing and delivering express is your main job every day.

Your energy should be more focused on dealing with more advanced matters, such as seeking the best source of goods, improving product descriptions, promoting promotional products, and making your products have advantages that other sellers do not have.

[Signal 2]: Your product has a distinct "peak season" and "off season" in a year.

If you use overseas warehousing services, the biggest advantage is that you can choose overseas warehouse service during the peak season, so that buyers can get the goods as soon as possible, improve the user experience and enhance the buyer's goodwill. In the off-season, the storage costs are used more in other areas, such as product development. Instead of renting a warehouse yourself, you can turn your fixed costs into flexible and predictable costs.

[Sign 3]: Your current infrastructure is no longer able to support your future business growth plans.

[Sign 4]: You lack the manpower, lack of technical support, and need to reduce costs.

If you use US overseas warehousing, you will not need to pay the warehouse rent on time every month, and you don't need to hire employees to pay their monthly salary. These fixed costs will become flexible and predictable. Moreover, most US overseas warehousing services give extremely favorable warehousing quotes, and you can also get discounted courier prices that you can't get.

If you have one or more of the following visions, then you can consider using overseas positions.

1. Improve customer satisfaction

a. Effectively avoid logistics peak traffic jams and reduce order response time.

b. Improve the timeliness of logistics distribution and reduce barriers to customs clearance.

c. After-sales service is convenient and enhances satisfaction.

d. Local delivery rate is low, safe and time-effective.

e. System operation, the whole process can track the movement of goods.

2. Enhance the competitiveness of goods

a. Change the location of the item and easily become an overseas seller.

b. Increase product exposure and increase product search click ranking.

c. Increase the price, directly face the customer and achieve local sales!

d. Effectively help to quickly increase credit, and sell one thing for two or three days to receive the evaluation.

3. Increase sales and increase profits.

a. Sending the goods to an overseas warehouse will enable local delivery.

b. Due to the large shipments of overseas warehouses, you can get a lower local discount.

c. Bulk shipments reduce the average logistics cost of goods.

As more and more suppliers transform into cross-border business, Sino-US cross-border trade services have become their best choice. China Manufacturing Network has been cultivating for 20 years, deepening the trade process, and comprehensively launching Sino-US cross-border trade services, providing warehousing and logistics services based on customer needs, eliminating the worries of your overseas landing.

The above is about the content of “cross-border e-commerce sales profit increased after the use of US overseas warehouses!” Shenzhen Rongsheng Supply Chain Co., Ltd., as a Chinese company, took the lead in using intelligent robot sorting systems in third-party overseas warehouses; Rongsheng Overseas Warehouse has a self-developed warehouse management system to facilitate sellers to manage the delivery method and delivery time of their own goods; big data analysis and monitoring, through stable and controllable transshipment, customs clearance and delivery time, optimize safety stock, maximize Improve the seller's capital utilization rate; rich brand customers, high-value product operation experience, one-on-one customer service butler, guarantee after-sales worry-free, continuous optimization plan, pay attention to the improvement of overseas buyers' satisfaction, and provide excellent overseas delivery for China Zhijian.US overseas warehouse

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