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About Us
Shenzhen WingSing Supply Chain Co., Ltd. is a one-stop supply chain solution service provider with the core of European and American overseas warehouse for China's innovative brand cross-border e-commerce companies, and is committed to providing an excellent overseas logistics delivery experience for overseas sales of small and medium-sized and innovative scientific and technological brands.
The original intention of WingSing is to use excellent overseas delivery, to share high-quality Chinese products to global users, and to create a high-quality brand reputation for Chinese brands. Everything is to insist, believe that the future belongs to us, and Chinese brands will become more and more powerful !
Our Advantage
Network Advantage
Shenzhen warehouse, Dongguan warehouse, Hong Kong warehouse, Poland warehouse, Spain warehouse, US Eastern warehouse, US Western warehouse have been established
The Poland warehouse is in the border between Poland and Germany
Covers the German market and has a natural advantage
Risk Management
Deeply cultivate in Europe, Our European team have more than 20 years of localized management experience
Familiar with local finance, taxation, and legal related policies
Provide customized trade and tax planning consultation & customization
Stable Service
The first batch of Chinese overseas warehouses that introduced intelligent robot sorting systems in Europe
Continue to invest 2% of operating income as research and development expenses to ensure system optimization and overall service quality stability
Big data analysis and monitoring, through stable and controllable transshipment, customs clearance and delivery time, optimize safety stocks, and maximize the use of sellers' funds
Professional Team
A wealth of brand customers, high-value product operation experience
One-on-one customer service steward to ensure worry-free after-sales
Customer experience first, continuous optimize solution
Paying attention to the improvement of overseas buyers' satisfaction and creating a high-quality brand reputation for Chinese brands
European After-Sales Network Value-Added Services
Return to the Nearest Site (Site Detection)
Zero-Second Exchange (Central Warehouse Inventory Overall Allocation)
Accessory Supply, Inventory Management, and Overall Deployment
Electronic Equipment Maintenance, Used Equipment Recycling, System-Wide Support
Customization Service
Support system API docking, customized system requirements development
Support after-sales, customization tax program supports, limited-time outbound customization service
Support European customs clearance agent customization service (with China => overseas warehouse transportation)
Support customization report service
Cultural concept Customer experience is paramount Pursuing a win-win situation
Achieving customers Achieving ourselves
Core Spirit
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