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US overseas warehouse driving recorder a generation of delivery

With the development of society, the change of trust between people, and for their own safety, car driving recorders are increasingly favored by car owners. Pay attention to safe driving, which must be done when every car owner drives. The driving recorder has an important role for the owner to prevent bumping porcelain and traffic and accidents. The driving recorder can be said to be a black box used by the car. By launching the engine, the video recording function can be recorded immediately. The image and sound during the driving of the vehicle are recorded through the high-definition lens. When an accident occurs, evidence is immediately provided to protect the driver's self-right. .

After the vehicle owner installs the driving recorder, it can record the video image and sound of the whole process of the car. The internal sensor can set the sensitivity of the impact force. When the external impact force is greater than the set value, the field data of the impact force will be Recorded to provide evidence for traffic accidents.

The driving recorder has a very good market in foreign markets. It can be seen on many cross-border e-commerce platforms. WINGSING is directly shipped from overseas warehouses to recipients or overseas warehouses. The storage area is extensive and has been established. Meixi Cang Polish warehouse. A generation, fast delivery!!

WINGSING US overseas warehouse traffic recorder is a generation advantage:

1, a better user experience will increase the repurchase rate

Compared with direct mail, overseas warehouse shipments can meet the buyer's timeliness requirements more quickly. Under normal circumstances, you can vote on the same day. Buyers of course hope that the products will reach the hand quickly and quickly, and the efficient logistics experience will increase the product repurchase rate and drive product sales.

2, overseas warehouse orders return faster

For sellers, cash flow is crucial. The cash flow is the time limit for the payment of the store. Compared with the direct mail order that can be refunded in two or three months, the overseas warehouse order can be received within 15 to 30 days, thus ensuring healthy cash flow and improving the anti-risk ability.

3, overseas warehouses help improve people's effectiveness

Overseas warehouse operations do not need to be as small as direct mail. Sellers can spend more time and energy on product development, promotion and operation. They can not only develop more explosions, but also maintain the existing products. index.

4. The risk of using overseas warehouse orders is lower

Straight-line logistics is more difficult to solve the problem of delivery of products such as heavy goods, large goods, etc., in addition to direct mail there are still lost. Especially during the peak season, straight hair logistics often fails to deliver goods in time due to the problem of bursting, and the logistics indicators are declining, affecting product performance, and losing the chance of product explosion.

5. Overseas warehouses are increasingly mature and their rights are constantly

Rongsheng's overseas warehouses have not only improved in terms of service and coverage, but also increased support for sellers in terms of traffic blessing and remittance speed. The most important thing is that logistics is the block that is built and perfected by Wish and the future. It actively supports the platform direction, respects the platform choice, and will gain more project rights and policy inclination.

The above is about the content introduction of “A US-based overseas warehouse recorder”. As a Chinese company, Shenzhen Rongsheng Supply Chain Co., Ltd. is the first to use intelligent robot sorting system in third-party overseas warehouses; Improve the self-developed warehouse management system to facilitate sellers to manage the delivery method and delivery time of their own goods; big data analysis and monitoring, through stable and controllable transshipment, customs clearance and delivery time, optimize safety stocks, and maximize the use of sellers' funds Rich brand customers, high-value product operation experience, one-on-one customer service manager, guarantee after-sales worry-free, continuous optimization plan, pay attention to the improvement of overseas buyers' satisfaction, and provide excellent overseas delivery for China Zhijian.US overseas warehouse

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