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Overseas Warehouse Service
Drop Shipment
Order Fulfillment
Last Mile Delivery
FBA Transfer
FBA Return & Exchange
Customer Service Steward
European Value-Added Services
European After-Sales
▶Return to the Nearest Site (Site Detection)
▶Zero-Second Exchange (Central Warehouse Inventory Overall Allocation)
▶Accessory Supply, Inventory Management, and Overall Deployment
▶Electronic Equipment Maintenance, Used Equipment Recycling, System-Wide Support
Overseas Warehouse
0 Total Area(㎡)
0 Daily Order Apex
Poland Warehouse 20,000㎡
Swabitse, Poland Peak:60,000
US Eastern Warehouse 5000㎡
Linden, USA Peak:10,000
US Western Warehouse 5000㎡
Los Angeles, USA Peak:10,000
Hong Kong Warehouse 5000㎡
Tsuen Wan, HK Peak:15,000
Spain Warehouse 1,000㎡
Madrid,Spain Peak:1,500
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